How to Become a Medical Assistant

How To Become a Medical Assistant

If you want to know how to become a medical assistant, you are looking at a fast growing career path that is showing massive growth over the next decade according to

How to Become a Medical Assistant

Follow these 5 easy steps and you can become a medical assistant in as fast as 6 months with online medical assistant programs and up to 2 years in a traditional college setting. Below we cover the steps to become a CMA.

Step 1 – Specialization

First you must decide if you want to specialize in any way as a medical assistant specialist or as a general practitioner. The main differences between them is that the medical assistant specialist has a narrow focus or job scope of the job, while a general would perform more administrative and basic clinical tasks.
A CMA degree is required to become a medical assistant specialist. Which means you would need a two year degree to be one as compared to 6months to become a general practitioner. The medical assistant salary differs with what type of medical assistant you are. See more detailed salary info Click Here.

Step 2 – Find the Right School

After deciding on step 1, you know have made what can be a difficult decision much easier. One of the accredited online medical assistant programs is recommended if you want to be a general practitioner.

If a specialization is what you want to pursue, than you need to find an accredited two year program that will set you up for success. Follow our interactive map to find two year medical assistant schools that fit both needs. Remember to check the schools accreditation.

Step 3 – Complete the CMA Program

Depending on which state you live in there will be in most cases, a requirement for clinical work that must be done alongside the graduation from your accredited CMA school. Once this is done you are eligible for prepare for the medical assistant certification examination.

Step 4 – Take the Medical Assistant Certification Exam

To work in most states as a general practicing medical assistant or a medical assistant specialist, you will need to pass the medical assistant certification exam given by one of the accrediting bodies like the AAMA.

Upon successful completion of the CMA certification exam you will be eligible for employment as a certified medical assistant! Which leads to the last step.

Step 5 – Secure Employment

One of the benefits that a medical assistant school can provide is job placement assistance. They can lead to CMA jobs faster than any other method. So make sure to see if these are available at your prospective school.

If these services are not available you will need to look at your job search as a process while you are in school and it will prepare you for interviews and research what is available to you in your area.

How to Become a Medical Assistant on a Budget

Online medical assistant schools are the best way to save the largest amount of money. Take them where you can. They provide you with numerous cost savings.

No matter what path you take towards becoming a certified medical assistant you will be rewarded with a fast growing exciting career!!

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